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V-Support is a powerful Outlook add-in for Support Center Plus. The add-in is designed to simplify the process of creating requests directly from an employee's Outlook inbox and straight into Support Center Plus. Once an employee has created the request, he can manage, update and close it – directly from Outlook.
Support Rep. can activate the product on multiple devices such as workstation, laptop and tablet.


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Statistics from organizations using V-Support show increase in logging and increased for support services
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V-Support Release notes

Here you can view all the latest releases of V-Support.

Release Notes - Version 2.2.5

New release 2.2.5 of V-Support for Support Center Plus has been released and now V-Support officially support Office 2016

​In this version a couple of bugs got killed off, and now we officially support Office 2016 and image processing got behind the scienec facelift.
All detailed are listed here below.

  • Bug
    • [OAFSCP-216] - Remote Support - missing contact information
    • [OAFSCP-217] - Contact key/Value changes in 8000 build
    • [OAFSCP-225] - Skin/Theme Issue could result in error on load
    • [OAFSCP-226] - Default Assign to Support Rep not working on drag drop to Request View
    • [OAFSCP-233] - Issue with Images when Email Client sending message does not close Image Tag
    • [OAFSCP-234] - Delete Time Entry not working
    • [OAFSCP-236] - Sorting and grouping for Account,Contact not working in Request View
  • Improvement
    • [OAFSCP-218] - ScreenConnect Properties Account Name
    • [OAFSCP-222] - Support for Office 2016 in installer
    • [OAFSCP-224] - Improved Image Processing
    • [OAFSCP-235] - When adding Time Entry Display Request Information
  • New Feature
    • [OAFSCP-223] - dkERP - Token Authentocation Support to replace User Pass
    • [OAFSCP-227] - Settings -> Auto assign to a Group

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