V-Technician for Service Desk Plus

Service Desk in Outlook!

With the simplicity of V-Technician you can create requests directly with Outlook. you have the ability to mange and speed up the process of creating requests. Increase accuracy and the number of request that get logged to give you a more total overview of you organization and you technician workload.Technician can activate the product on multiple devices such as workstation, laptop and tablet.

  • Requerments:

    • Outlook 2010+
    • .NET 4.6.2
    • Service Desk Plus 9007
  • Integrations:

    LogMeIn RescueScreen ConnectTeam Viewer V-Cloud V-Files Plivo

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Product News

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SMS functionallity
Today we just released a new version of V-Technician that integrates with Plivo http://www.plivo.com This new feature allows you to send a SMS message to your requester and also the ability to automatically notify the requester when the request is set to the status closed.
Service Desk Plus Release 9212
On May 19 2016 ManageEngine released a new verion of their software Service Desk Plus that had negative result for other systems using their API´s to communicate
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V-Technician Release Notes

Here you can see the release notes for V-Technician builds

Release 1.5.7


  • [OAFSDP-338] - Request field not getting updated in request view
  • [OAFSDP-340] - Technician not getting assigned when request is created
  • [OAFSDP-341] - When Request is created Created time was not initally set

New Feature

  • [OAFSDP-333] - Sent SMS -> Add Note
  • [OAFSDP-334] - Resolution -> Option Change Status
  • [OAFSDP-335] - Twillo SMS Integration


  • [OAFSDP-336] - Define Default Country Calling Code and append if missing

Release 1.5.5


  • [OAFSDP-314] - Image not geting processed correctly

New Feature

  • [OAFSDP-304] - Add CDATA support for formatting Note
  • [OAFSDP-310] - SMS Requester
    • [OAFSDP-331] - Send custom SMS to requester
    • [OAFSDP-332] - Send SMS Template message to requester when Request Closed
  • [OAFSDP-313] - Status Change - Prompt Resolution
  • [OAFSDP-320] - OPTION : Set Email Delivery date as Request Created Time
  • [OAFSDP-321] - Option in "Create/Edit Request" set created time
  • [OAFSDP-322] - On Create define Delivered Date


  • [OAFSDP-315] - Service Desk plus On-Demand Support
    • [OAFSDP-316] - Fix List Group
    • [OAFSDP-317] - Fix Update request
    • [OAFSDP-318] - Ability to unassign properties


  • [OAFSDP-27] - Create Icon sets and Images
  • [OAFSDP-302] - Option to define Meeting/Appointment Start Date in hours from now
  • [OAFSDP-306] - Encapsulate HTML for better consistency
  • [OAFSDP-312] - Update components
  • [OAFSDP-324] - Get Request to JSON
  • [OAFSDP-325] - Update Request to JSON
  • [OAFSDP-326] - Create Request To JSON

Release 1.5.3

  • Bug
    • [OAFSDP-286] - After Product update Request View load twice the first time
    • [OAFSDP-298] - Issue with Images when Email Client sending message does not close Image Tag
    • [OAFSDP-299] - Auto assignment not applying on Email Drag Drop in Request View
  • Improvement
    • [OAFSDP-280] - Log and Temp Location Changed
    • [OAFSDP-300] - Optimize Request Creation (Minimize API Calls)
    • [OAFSDP-269] - Minify HTML Ribbon
    • [OAFSDP-301] - Support for Office 2016 in installer
  • New Feature
    • [OAFSDP-288] - Request Attachments
    • [OAFSDP-289] - View Attachments
    • [OAFSDP-290] - Open Attachment
    • [OAFSDP-293] - Save Attachment
    • [OAFSDP-292] - Option to Mark As First Response when adding note
    • [OAFSDP-297] - Access Settings through Request View
    • [OAFSDP-267] - OpManager - Devices
    • [OAFSDP-270] - List Devices
    • [OAFSDP-271] - Delete Device
    • [OAFSDP-272] - Refresh Device
    • [OAFSDP-273] - Ping Device
    • [OAFSDP-274] - Trace Device
    • [OAFSDP-275] - Open Device In OpManager
    • [OAFSDP-276] - Telnet Device
    • [OAFSDP-277] - HTTP Device
    • [OAFSDP-278] - HTTPS Device
    • [OAFSDP-279] - RDP Device
Installation guideThis document contains installation instructionsDownload
User guideThis document conatains information related to usage,behavior and customizationDownload
Plivo GuideThis document conatains information related to Plivo and V-Technician settingsDownload